Barbara Windsor longing for Larry Lamb

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  • 16 March 2011
Barbara Windsor who plays Peggy

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor has admitted she quit 'EastEnders' because she missed the ''camaraderie'' she had with on-screen husband Larry Lamb before he was killed off the BBC One soap

Barbara Windsor quit 'EastEnders' because she missed her on-screen hubby Larry Lamb.

The 73-year-old TV legend - who played pint-puller Peggy Mitchell in the BBC One soap on and off for 16 years until her dramatic departure last year - admitted part of her decision to leave the show was because she longed for the "camaraderie" she had with the 63-year-old actor before he was killed off.

Barbara explained she thought she and Larry - who played her alter-ego's slimy spouse Archie Mitchell until he made an untimely departure when the Queen Victoria bust was pushed on him by Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) - would be in 'EastEnders' "forever".

She told Channel 5's 'The Vanessa Show': "I thought Larry and I would be there forever. I do miss the camaraderie but I don't miss learning the lines."

The veteran actress recently confessed she made the decision to leave 'EastEnders' when her husband Scott Mitchell pointed out she wasn't "switching off" from her on-screen persona.

Barbara explained: "He said it was 'Peggy this' and 'Peggy that'. She was taking over my life. Then we started filming on Saturdays and my weekends would be gone. I'd have breakfast on Sunday and then get my head down to learn scripts.

"I didn't have a life. I wanted to go to the theatre, have lunch with friends, spend time with my husband, chat to people on the phone. I wanted a normal life again."

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