Crate Digging: DJ Ian Pooley takes us through tracks at the front of his record box

Crate digging: Ian Pooley (Berlin) takes us through the deep house tracks that are at the front of his record box

Featuring Kraftwerk, Sven VT, Feygin and more

My mum played everything from classical to electronic music. I remember listening to the Krafwerk Autobahn (Capitol) album which she had on vinyl. I was really into it. I was really into instrumental music and the synthesiser sound really intrigued me. Later, I became a fan of the band Yello and that turned into Chicago house and Detroit techno when it all started in 87/88.

It’s impossible to listen to all the promos I get sent. I usually go by names that I know, or if it’s a label I like, I’ll always listen to it. Steffi feat Virginia ‘Yours’ (Ostgut Ton) has a really nice early-90s vibe, I’d compare it to Inner City and early Detroit house. These days it’s very hard to make a track sound elegant and have vocals that sound cool rather than really cheesy. It’s hard to find tracks with good vocals that you don’t get tired of.

The next track would be Delano Smith ‘I Fly’ (Undertones). It’s been out since September but I only discovered it recently. It’s a really nice driving instrumental track, like early DJ Sneak stuff. This one isn’t actually out but Tyrone ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ (White Label) is, again, a really nice groovy track in the vibe of mid-90s Sneak productions or Henry Street Records.

Next we have Sven VT ‘Sunday Funk’ (Suol). He’s a friend of mine here in Berlin. Very funky with a disco sample in there.

One of my new tracks, Ian Pooley ‘Give You Up’ (Smoke N’ Mirrors), has been out for two weeks, but I’ve been playing it for half a year and I still haven’t grown tired of it [laughs]. I’ve usually been working a on a track in the studio and trying it out in the clubs before the release, so once it’s released for me it’s almost over.

The Martinez Brothers ‘Issshhh’ (Objektivity) is a modern sounding track but not too digital – it’s still got a really warm sound. And finally Feygin ‘Saying Goodbye’ (Composite), is a nice deep house track. Composite Records are one of my favourite labels at the moment. They’re really, really good.’

Ian Pooley guests at Telefunken, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Friday 15 April.

Kraftwerk - Autobahn (radio edit)

Yello - The Race

Yello - The Race by sminer65

Steffi feat. Virginia - Yours

Delano Smith - I Fly

Sven VT - Sunday Funk

Ian Pooley - Give You Up

Martinez Brothers - Issshhh

Feygin feat. Keely Timlin - Saying Goodbye


Deep expansive house night.

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