Kelly Windsor's wicked plan

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  • 11 March 2011
Adele Silva

Adele Silva

Emmerdale's scheming Kelly Windsor is to come up with a cruel plan to get herself back in the good books of former flame Jimmy King

Emmerdale's Kelly Windsor is to come up with a cruel plan to get herself back in the good books of ex-fiance Jimmy King.

The scheming temptress - played by Adele Silva - hasn't seen her former flame since she clobbered him over the head with a torch last month when he refused her demands for money, leaving the pub landlord unconscious.

However, after realising Jimmy (Nick Miles) may have lost his memory altogether and can't even remember the faces of his wife Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and daughter Angelica, Kelly decides to seize her opportunity to pass herself off as his spouse.

Adele explained: "When it becomes apparent that Jimmy has lost his memory, Kelly does a little jump for joy, realising she's now off the hook for attacking him. And she also sees her former lover's amnesia as the perfect opportunity to win him back.

"You can hear the cogs whirring in her mind! She thinks, 'What can I say? What can I do?'. Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) tells her that Jimmy can't remember Nicola or their little girl, Angelica. So Kelly decides to try to make him remember that they almost got married, and were actually really in love."

However, if viewers of the ITV1 soap thought Kelly was likely to suffer an attack of guilt, they would be very much mistaken, as the glamour girl has grown even more "manipulative and calculating" in the three years she's been away from the village.

Adele added to Inside Soap magazine: "She's grown even more manipulative and calculating than she was before. For the time being, she's pretty much stuck on Jimmy. If for some reason he didn't choose Kelly, she'd definitely be like, 'Right, next!'.

"It's always onwards and upwards for her - she'd be looking around the village to see which of the local men had the most money!"

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