Matt Smith banned from baring all

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  • 11 March 2011
Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

Matt Smith

'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith has been banned from baring all in new one-off show about gay writer Christopher Isherwood, 'Christopher And His Kind'

Matt Smith has been banned from baring all in his new show about a gay writer.

The 'Doctor Who' actor - who plays British novelist Christopher Isherwood in the new programme - was told by BBC bosses he would have to keep his bottom off the camera in a bid to prevent his wholesome image from being tarnished by the raunchy show.

Featuring gay sex, nudity and even sado-masochism, one-off documentary 'Christopher And His Kind' tells the life of the author while he was living in Berlin in the 1930s.

However, BBC producers are reportedly concerned the risque show will turn off family viewers, particularly with the 28-year-old actor featuring in scenes where he is seen romping with a rent boy, and have slapped a nudity ban on the star.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "'Doctor Who' is a firm family favourite, so we thought it would be better if we didn't show Matt's behind in his new drama."

Matt - who plays the time-travelling Doctor in the sci-fi series - recently explained he hopes his new role in 'Christopher And His Kind' will help to separate him from 'Doctor Who'.

He said: "Hopefully people see me as actor who can adapt to different roles and I'm very grateful to 'Doctor Who' for giving me the platform to do it - it's one of the favourable things about having a great role like that.

"But hopefully, watching this, you don't see the Doctor."

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