Christine Bleakley's BBC pressure

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  • 11 March 2011
Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley admits she was put under pressure by the BBC to re-sign her contract with 'The One Show' before she left the channel to present ITV1 morning series 'Daybreak'

Christine Bleakley was put under pressure by the BBC to re-sign her contract with 'The One Show'.

The 'Daybreak' presenter - who left the BBC One series to co-host the ITV1 morning programme alongside Adrian Chiles in September - admitted making her decision between the two channels was "strange" and "unpleasant".

She said: "It was a strange old time and not terribly pleasant, to be honest. I talk about it now as if it didn't happen, because it was just a very bizarre period. It was eventful to say the least.

"I was home for the weekend and I got the call from the BBC saying, 'If you don't sign your contract tonight it's all over'. I wasn't so much cross, more bewildered because 'The One Show' and everyone involved was like family to me."

The Northern Irish beauty - who has been dating Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard since October 2009 - explained while she finds the show's early starts "knackering", Frank is always "loving" when she wakes him up at 3am.

Christine added to She magazine: "I find Thursday is the toughest day. You've had a week of getting knackered and then you think, I've still got one more day before the weekend. But come Friday, I get through purely on adrenaline.

"Frank is very good. He'll say good morning and be really very pleasant and loving. I will peel myself out of bed, get dressed and then go back and say, 'See you later' and give him a little kiss and he'll say, 'I'll be watching'.

"I think he's asleep by the time I've walked out of the room and has no memory of me leaving at all."

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