Corrie lesbians to tie the knot?

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  • 10 March 2011
Sophie Webster

Brooke Vincent

Coronation Street's lesbian lovers Sophie Webster and Sian Powers could be set to tie the knot, but actresses Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson are both determined to wear dresses to the nuptials

'Coronation Street' lesbians Sophie Webster and Sian Powers could be set to tie the knot.

Stars Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson - who play the teen lovers - have revealed they would love to see their alter-egos become the first TV lesbians to get married in a civil ceremony.

Sacha said: "They should get married. I don't see why not - it would be great."

However, both of the actresses have ruled out wearing a suit to their character's nuptials, as they don't want to be typecast as the "butch" one in the relationship.

Brooke added to The Sun newspaper: "I'm well excited. But I'm worried they'll end up putting me in a suit because I always seem to be the one in jeans and trainers. I'm not like that. We want to be nice lesbians that look pretty.

"If we get married we'll both wear a dress. I've told them not to make me butch. When we first got the storyline I asked them if they were going to make me shave my head and wear dungarees and I thought, 'I can't be doing that!'"

The duo also praised 'Coronation Street' bosses for "daring to be different" with the groundbreaking storyline, which shows being a lesbian is more than merely a "phase" for the loved-up teens.

Sacha explained: "Other soaps have touched on lesbian and gay characters - and 'EastEnders' has two gay men at the moment. But in terms of lesbians, they have always been in phases.

"That's where 'Corrie' has dared to be different and focus on things that happen nowadays."

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