Barbarellas tour with Boyzone

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  • 9 March 2011


Barbarellas have put their public spat with Louis Walsh behind them to support Boyzone on their UK tour

Barbarellas put their feud with Louis Walsh behind them as they took to the stage at London's The O2 last night (08.03.11) to support Boyzone.

Although twins Keavy and Edele Lynch had fallen out with Boyzone's manager Louis because they believe he never supported their music careers, they have now put the animosity in the past and are excited about the current UK tour with their brother Shane Lynch's band.

They said: "We are really excited about sharing a stage with the boys and putting on a great show. We get to hang out with our brother and mates - yay!"

Last night Keavy and Edele - who have ditched the denim look favoured by their previous band B*Witched to relaunch their careers with a sexier, more grown up style - warmed up the crowd with a selection of songs from their new album 'Night Mode'.

Their first release from the album 'Body Rock' received the biggest cheers before they finished their set with new single 'Night Mode'.

Although B*Witched topped the UK charts with their first four singles, the twins have previously revealed 'X Factor' judge Louis once told them Shane was the only star in their family.

Keavy said: "He's never really been behind us. Even back in the day he used to say, 'There's only one star in a family.' When he first listened to the B*Witched album he said, 'There's only one song on there.' And how wrong was he? We went on to have four number ones and were probably one of the biggest UK and Ireland acts in America at the time."


1. jak10 Mar 2011, 12:17am Report

well all i can say louis i saw barbarellas perform at o2 8th march 2011 and they were brill u dont know what ur talking about.

you were great girls loved it xxxxxxxxxxx

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