Glaswegian theatre and arts collective Flatrate

Glaswegian theatre and arts collective Flatrate

Rob Jones and Stephen Redman from the team behind Initial Itch

Flatrate are a Glasgow-based theatre and arts collective run primarily by theatre graduate Rob Jones and writer Stephen Redman. Their modus operandi is supporting local artists whilst also staging interesting, stripped-back productions on next to no budget. ‘We started Flatrate in 2008 by performing plays in flats. That’s where the name comes from,’ Jones explains.

The team began to develop an audience which led to Initial Itch, their monthly performance night at 13th Note. From spoken word, music and scratch performance to poetry, dance and film, the informal events offer a platform for emerging artists to try new material and meet like-minded potential collaborators.

‘We wanted to use the community we had already built to make bigger projects and the fact that it’s a group vision makes it all the more exciting.’ Jones and Redman also host a weekly radio show under the Initial Itch umbrella on Subcity Radio.

Flatrate’s mission is to create relevant, innovative theatre that is engaging and entertaining. ‘You never want to get up on my high horse about things but you always want to make something that resonates with people and is grounded in real life,’ 24-year-old Jones explains.

Following performances at The Ramshorn Theatre (Some Explicit Polaroids, 2009) and The Tron (The Zeros Keep Going, 2010), their latest self-written production, The Belief Project, brings Flatrate back to The Tron this month.

Initial Itch, The 13th Note, Glasgow, first Monday of every month.

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