Emma Atkins feels sorry for Emmerdale bad boy Cain

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  • 5 March 2011
Emma Atkins

Emma Atkins

'Emmerdale' star Emma Atkins thinks her character Charity Dingle has treated her former fiance Cain Dingle very badly

'Emmerdale' star Emma Atkins feels sorry for her character Charity Dingle's jilted lover Cain.

The actress admits the village bad boy - played by Jeff Hoardley - has been cruelly treated by the sexy blonde, who dumped her fiance after discovering he'd had an affair with fiery red-head Faye Lamb.

Emma believes Charity pushed him into the relationship by flirting with businessman Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson), who she is now dating.

Speaking to the official 'Emmerdale' website, she said: "I think at this point I would safely say that Charity has broken Cain's heart more times than either would care to remember, so in some ways Cain is used to being treated really badly by Charity and vice versa - I mean, they're both as bad as one another.

"But on this occasion, I can't help but feel that Charity has been quite manipulative, because she's just flirted with Jai from day one - even before she started seeing Jai. And there was no reason for Cain to have an affair with Faye, but he was just goaded and goaded and goaded."

Emma believes Charity has given no thought to Cain's feelings in her pursuit of a relationship with Jai, only her own happiness.

She added: "Charity is just so naughty that she's not thought about how that would hurt Cain - but it's just her way. She's very selfish and just sees a way out with Jai - Cain is just too much trouble now and she wants to get to a point in her life where it's not all about petty things. She just wants maybe a more mature relationship."

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