Denise Welch won't quit Dancing On Ice

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  • 5 March 2011
Denise Welch

Denise Welch

Denise Welch has vowed not to quit 'Dancing On Ice' because she wants to do well for her fans

Denise Welch has no intention of quitting 'Dancing On Ice'.

The contestant has been heavily criticised by judge Jason Gardiner for being one of the weakest performers in the skating contest, but the 'Loose Women' star is determined to keep going in the competition for her fans.

She told The Sun newspaper: "What am I supposed to do? I can't help it if the public are voting me through. I'm not going to walk, because that's letting down the people who have kept me in.

"Jason can say what he likes, but I'm not doing it for the judges. If I was reliant on their vote I'd have gone in week two."

Denise believes it isn't only fans of 'Loose Women' voting for her.

She also thinks older viewers are inspired by her taking to the ice at the ripe age of 52.

Denise said: "People find it encouraging that someone in their 50s is doing this. There are people all over the country in their fifties joining ice rinks because I'm skating."

But although she is proud of her displays on the ITV series, Denise admits her husband, 'Benidorm' star Tim Healy, and children were reluctant for her to take part in case it triggered her depression.

The 'Waterloo Road' actress has even tried to commit suicide when the debilitating condition has been at its worst, and admits even she had serious reservations about accepting a spot.

She explained: "One of the main things I worried about was whether nerves over doing this competition would tip over into anxiety.

"If the anxiety happens it tips into depression. If I was to get that really badly I wouldn't be able to perform.

"I decided not to let it get the better of me even though it was against family advice. My husband and kids really didn't want me to do it because of the pressure I'd be putting on myself."

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