Glenda Mitchell's delusional truths

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  • 5 March 2011
EastEnders actress Glynis Barber

EastEnders actress Glynis Barber

EastEnders' middle-aged minx Glenda Mitchell thinks she is doing Jane Beale ''a favour'' by revealing all about her saucy affair with Ian

EastEnders' Glenda Mitchell thinks she is doing Jane Beale "a favour" by revealing her saucy affair with Ian.

The middle-aged minx - who has been bedding both bad boy Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Walford wimp Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) - truly believes unsuspecting Jane (Laurie Brett) will benefit from knowing about her husband's infidelities.

Glynis Barber - who plays Glenda in the BBC One soap - explained: "In a way Glenda actually believes she would be doing Jane a favour by telling her. Jane would know that Ian isn't worth her time because he'll cheat on her.

"Plus, Glenda sees it as a way of getting a little bit of revenge on Phil."

However, while her hard exterior would suggest otherwise, Glynis believes her scheming alter-ego really did love Phil, despite him being engaged to hard-faced Shirley Carter (Linda Henry).

She added: "Glenda had real feelings for Phil. She wanted them to be a couple. But not now. There's bad blood between them - she hates him."

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