The best of the upcoming US comedians hitting Glasgow

All-American Heroes

Lee Camp

A selection of the funniest Yanks heading to the Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Carla Rhodes
New York Magazine picked this curly-haired ventriloquist in their ‘Ten New Comedians Funny People Find Funny’ poll and her show is a comedic rock‘n’roll extravaganza about a young girl’s dreams of making it big in New York. You may have caught her (with dummy) slightly out of shot for six seconds in an episode of 30 Rock. Or more likely not.
Capitol, Saturday 19 March.

Maureen Langan
This New Jersey comic’s ranting about life’s absurdities led Jerry ‘Dad of Ben’ Stiller to pay her perhaps the ultimate tribute, saying ‘she is to comedy what James Brown was to soul’ before adding this marginally less appetising compliment: ‘Langan made me laugh till I wet my pants. Not nice for a guy my age.’ Best bring some kitchen roll.
Brel, Sunday 20 March.

Lee Camp
This Onion contributor went on Fox News to joke around with a converse comedian of a right-wing persuasion, eventually decrying the channel for continually peddling a ‘festival of ignorance’ (see below). At which point, the flustered anchor quickly cut to an item about Captain Kirk. Case probably solved. Roseanne Barr and Janeane Garofalo are big fans. Take from that what you will.
Blackfriars Basement, Sunday 27 March.

Danny Lobell
A New York-based Scottish-American Jewish comic who has a hot line in Holocaust Museum jokes. He’s aiming to record this show for his debut CD, so no inappropriate coughing please.
The Stand, Monday 28 March.

Kumail Nanjiani
and Kyle Grooms
A double header from two rising stars of the US circuit, Nanjiani is a 31-year-old Pakistani who received death threats from radicals in his homeland for his 2006 personal/political one-man show Unpronounceable while Grooms is a Def Comedy stand-up raised on graffiti art, hip hop and Richard Pryor.
Blackfriars Basement, Sunday 3 April.

Comedian Lee Camp: Fox News a 'festival of ignorance'

The Continuing Story of Carla Rhodes

A comedy ventriloquism show following the escapades of a young woman trying to make it in New York. Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Maureen Langan

Sharp-edged comedy all the way from New York. With support. Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Lee Camp

Lee Camp is Taking the Piss Out of America. He's American, so it's totally ok. Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Danny Lobell

The host of popular podcast 'Comical Radio' jokes about in his show Completely Uncensored (except for a few things). Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

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