Non-Stick Erratic Carvery - Inverleith House, Edinburgh, Sun 13 Feb 2011 (4 stars)

Non-Stick Erratic Carvery - Inverleith House, Edinburgh, Sun 13 Feb 2011

Acrid Lactations, aka Stuart Arnot and Susan Fitzpatrick

Day-long experimental event featuring Jazzfinger, Duncan Harrison, Usurper and more

Lazy Sunday afternoons in the Botanics will never be the same again after this all-day extravaganza of nine acts culled from Edinburgh’s fecund experimental hiss-and-mist scene, set in the ornate upstairs gallery of Inverleith House. Headlined by out-of-town guests Jazzfinger, a series of mix-and-match collaborations between assorted members of Scrim, Muscletusk, Hockyfrilla and Fordell Research Unit came complete with natural light and the eerie outside silence outside once darkness fell.

Cartoon sound-art double-act Usurper added a meta-narrative to their usual japes by recreating the noise of their wilfully absent kindergarten junkyard kit using vocal noises rather than manufactured ones. ‘Deadhelhestcess’ was a loose alignment of Helhesten’s theatrical sound poetics and Muscletusk/Dead Labour Process’s vocal deconstruction of counter-cultural anti-psychiatric guru R.D. Laing’s volume of word-game dialogues, ‘Knots.’ As dusk turned to black night, Duncan Harrison presented a triptych of contrasting sonic bursts. Jazzfinger played in darkness, conjuring up a sublime elemental brew of rolling electronic thunder that became oddly meditative. Next time round, if the wind is right, we might even be able to hear the grass grow.

Helhesten and Dead Labour Process: Deadhelhestcess

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