Label of Love: We Can Still Picnic

Label of Love: We Can Still Picnic

Creeping Bent impresario Douglas McIntyre discusses his new label collective

‘We Can Still Picnic is a brand new trick in town – a loose collective of artists, musicians, writers, provocateurs, poets, aesthetes and facilitators,’ proclaims DIY maverick Douglas McIntyre, who also runs indie record label Creeping Bent. The List needs to know more.

When and why did you start up We Can Still Picnic?
‘We Can Still Picnic was born in Glasgow on 10/10/10. It was started to amuse ourselves and challenge the residing orthodoxy and general malaise enveloping the city.’

Do you have a label manifesto?
‘The stated aim is to stimulate/ manipulate/ agitate. Social interaction is high on the agenda; all uptight and designed to thrill.’

Can you tell us about your output to date?
‘The first two albums by The Nectarine No. 9, originally released on the Postcard label: both their debut (A Sea With Three Stars) and its follow up (Saint Jack) have been unavailable for a number of years, so it is our pleasure to release them in digital format. We’ve started a monthly WCSP club on the last Saturday of every month in Mono, Glasgow. We are interested in intervention in any media, so will be presenting visual and audio ideas across a range of formats.’

Would you say there’s any common thread that runs through your productions?
‘We share ideological and artistic ground with Mao, Marx, Marc, and Godard. We aim to disappoint.’

What are your goals for WCSP?
‘Our goals are to get loaded and have a good time, as Peter Fonda once said. WCSP is a communications and design company operating across multiple platforms. We’ve started our club and radio show, our next goal is to distribute WCSP pamphlets which will feature musings on everything from Yves Klein to Sun Ra to Boards of Canada.’

What records are coming up?

‘We’re currently working with a group called POST – they’re a kind of modernist take on [Eno’s] Here Come the Warm Jets meets Arthur Russell’s disco material. POST are as interested in design and art as they are music. We’ll be packaging and releasing audio by POST later in the year.’

Vic Godard & Subway Sect/ Sexual Objects/ Wake the President at Accies Club, Glasgow, Fri 11 Mar; WCSP club at Mono, Glasgow present: Monochrome Set / Wake the President / Spectorbullets / POST, Sat 26 Mar.

Vic Godard & the Sexual Objects

Punk-pop pioneer and sometime Postcard Records-signed artist Godard is backed at this show by Davey Henderson's band, the Sexual Objects.

Official Vic Godard Aftershow Party

With sets by Spectorbullets, Shock & Awe and Sam Barber & the Outcasts.

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