Emmerdale's Cain to kill Charity?

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  • 2 March 2011
Jeff Hordley

Emmerdale actor Jeff Hordley

'Emmerdale's Cain Dingle will be so overcome with jealousy, he tries to kill former fiancee Charity Tate

'Emmerdale's Cain Dingle will try to kill ex-fiancee Charity Tate when he flies into a jealous rage.

The village bad boy - played by Jeff Hoardley - tricks his former flame into meeting him at a hotel and when their heart-to-heart is interrupted by a porter bearing a gift Charity (Emma Atkins) has bought for new man Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson), Cain sees red and pounces on his ex-lover.

Jeff said: "There's quite a personal note with the present and Cain wants to know why she never wrote stuff like that for him.

"Charity throws a flippant comment back and a red mist comes down. In a moment of craziness, he pushes a pillow over her face. He thinks, 'If I can't have you, nobody else can', but thankfully he realises what he's doing just in time."

Cain's rage comes after an evening of revelations between the pair.

Jeff revealed: "Cain pushes Charity and it's a real cat-and-mouse game for a while. She almost gives in - but then he brings up her past as a prostitute again.

"She ends up telling him stuff he never knew though, like how she was abused by one of her first clients and never got paid much - it's a real heart-to-heart."

As well as trying to win back Charity, Cain also plans revenge on Jai - by attacking the businessman's brother Nikhil (Rik Makerem).

Jeff added to Inside Soap magazine: "Despite what Cain says and does, Jai makes out he's not bothered. So Cain's plan B is to get to his brother instead.

"He tells Nikhil to have a word with Jai or he'll suffer the consequences. He gags Nikhil and ties him up - then dumps him in a bin to prove his point. Nikhil is stuck in there overnight - but Jai later tells Cain that, no matter how much bullying he does, he's not getting Charity back."

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