Graeme and Tina's Corrie showdown

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  • 1 March 2011
Craig Gazey

Coronation Street actor Craig Gazey

Coronation Street's Graeme Proctor and Tina McIntyre will have a huge showdown in the Rovers Return this week as they attempt to convince their neighbours Graeme has been having an affair with Tina's best friend Xin

Graeme Proctor and Tina McIntyre are to have a huge showdown in the Rovers Return this week.

The 'Coronation Street' couple - played by Craig Gazey and Michelle Keegan - will stun their neighbours by having a huge brawl in the pub after the brunette beauty accuses the bemused butcher of cheating on her with her best friend Xin Chiang (Elizabeth Tan).

While Tina and Graeme are very much loved-up at the moment, she has persuaded him to admit to the misdemeanour so he can convincingly marry her Chinese chum and guarantee her a visa to stay in the country.

Actor Craig explained: "The whole thing is actually a plan Tina and Graeme have hatched together so that Graeme can marry her mate Xin and keep her in the country. They stage a massive row in the Rovers, and Tina publicly accuses Graeme of cheating on her with Xin.

"Graeme's a bit reluctant at first, but Tina really gets into character. Eventually Graeme joins in, but takes things too far when he accuses her of going on about her dead dad all the time."

However, the pair's plans could soon be ruined by David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd), who quickly catches on to the fact that they haven't really split up.

Craig added to Inside Soap magazine: "Graeme's not happy, as the only time he gets to spend with Tina is snatched moments down alleyways or around corners - it's not ideal! They've rushed into it without thinking, so Graeme has to plead with David to keep quiet - and everyone knows David's not to be trusted.

"The plan is terrible - it's fraught with problems, and there'll be ramifications if they get caught."

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