Lord Rochester - Hey! (3 stars)

Lord Rochester - Hey!

Sounds and smells like a 1960s garage band, but isn’t

(Twenty Stone Blatt)

What sounds and smells like a 1960s garage band but isn’t? Lord Rochester, that’s who. Resurrected from some fantasy about aristocratic ruin and the ghosts of the D-Men, Lord Rochester fizz and fuzz their way through thirteen beat numbers.

From the Dylan-esque mischief of ‘Deathbed’ to the Rolling Stones riffs of ‘Two Great Guitarists’, Hey! is only ever a hairbreadth away from parody. Garage is, however, an accumulative pleasure and by the time ‘Seasick’ rocks the boat, it’s difficult not to be drawn in. A share of the profits from this release will go to The Kai Davidson Trust, a charity organisation that supports Scottish musicians.

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