Den Haan - Gods From Outer Space (4 stars)

Den Haan - Gods From Outer Space

Glasgow duo deliver debut to match electrifyingly sleazy live sets

(Courier of Death)

It’s taken them a while to get down to it, but Glasgow duo Den Haan (Matthew Aldworth, aka Crème de Menthe, and Andy Gardiner) have finally arrived with the debut album their electrifyingly sleazy live sets have promised. Beginning with a spooky snatch of ‘70s sci-fi scene-setting entitled ‘The End’, it soon settles into a rhythm of groovy as hell Italo and John Carpenter-style minimal electronica, from the Jarre-on-pills title track to the beautifully unsubtle suggestion of ‘Release the Beast’ and ‘Night Shift’, complete with gruff and unashamedly camp vocal effects. Your new favourite after-club album, without doubt.

Den Haan launch Gods From Outer Space with a club set at Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 11 Mar

RPZ & Wrong Island Present Den Haan

  • 4 stars

Brilliantly seedy Glasgow electro-disco duo Den Haan launch their new LP Gods From Outer Space, with DJ support from David Barbarossa (Hung Up!), Teamy (Wrong Island) and RPZ and Death Disco resident Hushpuppy.

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