Crate digging: Kris Wasabi (Wasabi Disco) gives us a peek at his playlist

Crate digging: Kris Wasabi (Wasabi Disco) gives us a peek at his playlist

Featuring Moodymann, The Dirtbombs, Cottam and more

‘The original Moodymann ‘Freeki Mutha Fucker (Juan Atkins remix)’ (KDJ) is amazingly sleazy, total boner disco. This remix is straight out of Detroit so it adds action strings and a nice synth line, without losing the hypnotic sleaze of the original. The Dirtbombs' Party Store (In the Red) is a garage rock album out of Detroit, but it’s a match made in heaven because it’s all covers of Detroit techno tracks like ‘Strings of Life’ and ‘Good Life’. The Dirtbombs were there when the techno thing was happening, so it doesn’t sound gimmicky in any way.
‘Cottam’s releases are all super-limited and quite cloak and dagger, with no information on the label or anything. Cottam ‘EP 4’ (White Label) is totally essential, an Afro-tinged cut above the other edits out there with a real Basic Channel techno influence.
‘Pop & Eye ‘Spinach Spaceship’ (Editainment), another bunch of faceless editors who go under guises like Tiger & Woods and Cleo & Patra, with a healthy dose of humour and a chunky robo-funk edit of ‘Don’t Stop the Dance’ by Bryan Ferry. Pretty much everything on their Editainment label is essential at Wasabi Disco.
Bakey Ustl ‘Tender Places’ (Unthank), he’s Estonian, releasing on an imprint of Edinburgh’s Firecracker Records. It’s on beautiful 10” clear vinyl and it sounds fantastic, weaving all over the shop from Chicago house to droney ambient and then back into a jackin’ groove. It totally works.
‘They just destroy the dancefloor and Den Haan ‘Universal Energy’ (Supersoul Recordings) is tongue in cheek, pseudo-homo Hi-NRG disco, as great fun as you’d expect from Glaswegians.
‘It’s good to hear the sound of young Detroit can still move me like the first time I heard Omar S & Kai Alce ‘Not Phazed’ (FXHE) had me close to tears on first listen, there’s not much more to say.’

Kris Wasabi guests at Tokyoblu, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Mar and hosts his own Wasabi Disco with special guest Billy Woods, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 19 Mar.

The Dirtbombs - Strings Of Life

The Dirtbombs - Good Life

Pop and Eye - Spinach Spaceship [Editainment]

Wasabi Disco

Another dose of disco, new wave, punk and New York grooves at this 'no holds barred disco death match'. This time round the event welcomes DJ Wett Burger who brings his weird but danceable, idiosyncratic set to the Cowgate.

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