Vector Lovers - Electrospective (3 stars)

Vector Lovers - Electrospective

Unashamedly artificial but soothing nonetheless


A game designer in real life and a producer since 2002, Martin Wheeler here collects a bunch of the tracks he’s released on Soma into one handy compilation, even more so considered he’s remixed and remastered each one from scratch. The collection is kicked off by a rare outing for Wheeler’s digitised vocal on ‘Melodies and Memory’ (‘we gave up our tears to the neon sky’) and characterised by a laid-back downtempo pop and hiss the whole way through, betraying a distinctly oriental influence in titles like ‘Shinjuku Girl’ and ‘Tokyo Glitterati’. Unashamedly artificial but soothing nonetheless, Electrospective comes across like a stoner’s-pace Kraftwerk.

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