Cottam guests at Heavy Gossip

Heavy Gossip

Minimalist DJ Cottam talks to us ahead of his set at Craig Smith and Nick Yuill's Heavy Gossip.

When it comes to house you know you're in safe hands with residents Craig Smith and Nick Yuill, two DJs who have carved out a reputation for their taste in disco house and deep funky electronica. Now their Heavy Gossip is set to celebrate its first birthday – an important milestone for any club night. And to mark the occasion they are joined by the minimalist sounds and 'slow motion' house of Cottam.

It's how Cottam has released his music that has made him an enigma, with untitled vinyl-only releases. 'I don't think I avoid the limelight, I think it was just people didn't know who I was,' explains Cottam (aka Paul Cottam). 'I never kept my identity secret or anything – if people asked me I'd tell them. I've been playing music in clubs on and off for years, it's only over the past year and a half people have started to show an interest. Self promotion has always been a weak point of mine as well. I don't like to force things.'

And the unnamed tracks? 'Just a lack of faith in any of the titles I come up with,' he laughs. 'I always think they sound a bit daft.' Even with his lack of self promotion, the quality of his output has caught many a DJ's eye, deep deep beats influenced by a love of techno and soul.

He's also itching to get up to Scotland, especially the prospect of manning the decks at Heavy Gossip. 'It'll be my first trip to Edinburgh so really excited. I've been told it's a beautiful city and that the nightlife is great. Getting to play with Craig Smith is a bit special as well, a fantastic DJ and his productions are right up my street. A bit of a hero of mine since rediscovering house music.'

Medina, Edinburgh, Fri 11 Mar.

Heavy Gossip

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