Violent gypsy lives to be featured on DVD

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  • 28 February 2011
Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's Sam and Patrick

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings stars Sam and Patrick

The violent sex lives of the gypsies starring Channel 4's 'Big Fat Gyspy Weddings' are reportedly set to be revealed in an X-rated DVD

An X rated spin-off of 'Big Fat Gyspy Weddings' focusing on the gypsies' violent sex lives is to be released on DVD.

Previously unseen footage of the travellers being grilled about their love lives on the Channel 4 show - which documents their over-the-top wedding days - was never shown on TV, but viewers will now get to see the violent exploits that reportedly went on behind the scenes.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, the controversial custom of "grabbing", where boys thump girls to get a kiss, will also be featured in the spin-off DVD.

Speaking in the footage, one female traveller named Noreen said: "Grabbing? I don't like it. If a boy grabs a girl it's completely disrespecting the girl all over. It's disgusting. ??

"They grab her. They bring her around the corner, they give her a few slaps, then if she still says no, they'll be pulling her hair. But it's common. As long as they get a kiss they don't care what they do."

Despite the measure being a traditional custom within the community, the traveller boys filming the Channel 4 series - which attracted eight million viewers - were warned never to "grab" non-gypsies because their violent tactics could get reported to police.

Traveller Davey said: "If you grab a country girl they start screaming like you're going to rape them."

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