The Son(s) - The Son(s)

The Son(s) - The Son(s)

Debut drenched in psychedelic influences and haunting, layered vocals

(Olive Grove)

It’s always nice to find something interesting, or better yet, a little odd amongst the deluge of new releases. Preferring to be vague in terms of their/his background and personnel and uncompromisingly elaborate when it comes to music-making, The Son(s) are exactly that. Described as a ‘three man solo project’ – loosely explained as the continuation of a disbanded Edinburgh trio’s work through one member’s efforts – The Son(s)’ debut album is warm and already very comfortable in its own sound; drenched in psychedelic influences and buoyed by soothing, yet often haunting, layered vocals. Comparisons to the likes of Midlake seem justified but this album has a curious and accomplished sound of its own.


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