Skins star's sex scene fun

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  • 25 February 2011
The new Skins cast

The cast of Skins

'Skins' actor Sean Teale found is sex scenes in the E4 teen drama ''hilarious'' as he spent the entire time ''mucking about'' with the crew''

Sean Teale found his 'Skins' sex scenes "hilarious".

The actor - who plays golden boy Nick Levan in the E4 teen drama - admitted he didn't find the particularly embarrassing scenes awkward at all, because he spent the entire time "mucking about" with the crew.

He explained: "That was hilarious. The day when I had that erection scene, it was just so funny. Half the crew were dressed up in dresses anyway, mucking about. It was just a fun day. I'm walking around with a strap-on on - obviously things are going to get silly!

"It was a lot of fun and it wasn't particularly awkward because we all knew it had to be done. It would be a bit more awkward if it was real!"

Despite being "incredibly close" to co-star Freya Mavor - who plays his on-screen girlfriend Mini McGuiness - Nick explained the couple's romance could soon be set to come to an end when his alter-ego realises it's Mini's friend Liv Malone (Laya Lewis) he's really into.

He added to Digital Spy: "He can't get Liv, he's losing to Matty (Sebastian de Souza), he needs to do something, he can't lose everything, so he tries to reconcile his troubles with Mini - trying to ignore the fact that Mini probably knows he cheated, which is quite a strange concept.

"And obviously they're just not clicking. It all boils up in a bar when Nick gets drunk and starts to realise he's with the wrong person."

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