Emmerdale's Charity beds boss Jai

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  • 24 February 2011
Emma Atkins

Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins

Emmerdale's Charity Tate finally gets to sleep with her boss Jai Sharma, risking the wrath of her former fiance Cain Dingle

Emmerdale's Charity Tate risks the wrath of former fiance Cain Dingle after she sleeps with her boss Jai Sharma.

The manipulative minx - played by Emma Atkins - has had her sights set on the rich businessman (Chris Bisson) for a while and finally does the deed with him, now she has split from evil Cain (Jeff Hordley).

However, her ex-lover will be furious when he finds out and Emma admits no one's sure how far he will go to get his revenge.

She said: "Charity is playing with fire, but that's part of who she is - it's just her. She can't resist an element of risk because it's exciting. It makes every day in the village more interesting.

"She's the sort of person who doesn't really know what she's doing in a small village like 'Emmerdale', and she thinks she shouldn't be there. She's got much bigger fish to fry."

As well as getting revenge on Cain - who bedded Jai's ex-flame Faye - Charity knows Jai offers her the security she can't provide for herself.

Emma added to Inside Soap magazine: "She's seen an opportunity with Jai. His business is the biggest thing she's been involved in for a long time. It's offering her some freedom from Cain because she's being paid well. It's been her ticket away from relying on her ex."

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