Glenda Mitchell reveals saucy secret

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  • 23 February 2011
EastEnders actress Glynis Barber

EastEnders actress Glynis Barber

EastEnders' Glenda Mitchell is to reveal all about her saucy affair with Phil Mitchell after the Walford bad boy attempts to frame her for stealing her daughter Roxy's inheritance

EastEnders' Glenda Mitchell is to reveal all about her raunchy affair with Phil Mitchell.

The scorned singleton - played by Glynis Barber - will be forced to spill the saucy secret when she discovers the Walford bad boy has stolen her daughter Roxy's (Rita Simmons) inheritance.

She explained: "Glenda's a woman scorned, and wants to fleece Phil (Steve McFadden) for everything he's got. First, she plots to sell some champagne from R&R to make money - but Phil walks in on her and Roxy moving the bottles. They pretend they're doing a stock take, but Phil isn't fooled.

"Later, Glenda sees Phil handing Shirley a wad of cash, so she plans to raid the safe in his house. She has a key, so she and Roxy sneak in. But once again, Phil catches them in the act - leaving the two girls in a very dangerous situation."

However, the double-crossing baddie - who is engaged to Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) - turns the tables on an unsuspecting Glenda, telling Roxy she should be looking closer to home if she wants to catch out the real culprit.

When the cash mysteriously turns up in Glenda's closet, she is forced to reveal the truth about her relationship with Phil in a bid to get her daughter back on side.

Glynis added to Inside Soap magazine: "Glenda doesn't think that Roxy will take Phil's word over hers, so she's devastated when she does. She instantly knows that Phil planted the cash there and is so hurt that Roxy believes him instead of her - and that's why she blurts out the truth about the affair.

"There's a deathly silence in the pub when Glenda makes her confession. Shirley doesn't really react - she just sits still, mulling everything over."

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