Jim McDonald to attempt armed robbery

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  • 23 February 2011
Charles Lawson's Corrie return

Coronation Street actor Charles Lawson

Coronation Street's Jim McDonald will attempt armed robbery as part of a bizarre bid to win back his ex-wife Liz

Coronation Street's Jim McDonald is to rob a bank in a bizarre bid to win back his ex-wife Liz.

The Irish ex-convict - who returns to the Street next month - is hoping to buy back the Rovers Return pub for his cash-strapped former missus from their landlord son Steve (Simon Gregson).

However, when all his above board attempts to secure the drinking establishment for the bolshie blonde fail, Jim - played by Charles Lawson - raids a local building society at gunpoint.

He tells a terrified cashier: "I've got a gun. So if you know what's good for you, my friend, you'll fill that bag to the top with all your cash, so you will."

According to The Sun newspaper, Jim's grand plans will come crashing to a dramatic halt when the bank employee presses her panic button and a have-a-go hero tackles him to the ground.

When the former squaddie attempts to make a desperate run for it, he realises his path is being blocked by armed policemen, and decides he has no choice but to keep the staff and customers held hostage.

Meanwhile, equally skint Steve and his wife Becky (Katherine Kelly) strike a deal with Liz (Beverly Callard) to sell her their share of the Rovers Return so they can flee the cobbles for a new life in Spain.

Facing financial ruin and the prospect of losing both their children after Becky's evil sister Kylie (Paula Lane) - who sold her adorable son Max (Harry McDermott) to the couple before Christmas - decides she wants her child back, and feisty femme fatale Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford)is hell-bent on ensuring Steve isn't granted custody of their daughter Amy (Elle Mlulvaney).

Breaking down in tears, Becky tells Steve: "I miss Amy so much, Steve. I can't live round here any more seeing her growing up living with Tracy."

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