Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz: Rape Me (2 stars)

Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz: Rape Me

With such an aggressive and punky title it can be assumed that Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz is looking for some attention with his dirty attack on aesthetics. Aptly named, Zlomovitz’s latest UK exhibition makes abundant references to BDSM culture through his repetitive use of latex, spray paint and glossy mediums as well as the more blatant VHS pornos and printouts.

In pieces such as ‘Solveig’ there is a play off between the voyeur and slave roles through the use of a cut out and suspended old dominatrix VHS-cover that hides behind a reflective foil. His use of mixed materials such as ‘Solar protecting foil’ and wire make odd sci-fi references while the industrial steel scaffolding in ‘1991’ hints at the submissive relationship between Master and his PVC victim as two burning candles quietly drip wax.

Like his previous show at Mary Mary, Zlomovitz has returned to the use of everyday office paraphernalia in laying out a tacky blue carpet within the space, possibly in a sadomasochistic mockery of the office working relationship.

This show is, presumably, the boisterous expression of what Zlomovitz referred to as his ‘inner desire’ in his previous interview with The List.

Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 2 Apr

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