Big Fat Gypsy Payout?

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  • 18 February 2011
Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's Sam and Patrick

Sam and Patrick's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Travellers' groups are hoping to launch a multi-million-pound lawsuit against Channel 4, after claiming 'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' has tarnished their image

Travellers' groups are hoping to sue Channel 4 for tarnishing their image with its 'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' series.

The show - which has attracted more than eight million viewers each week with its portrayal of the community's over-the-top nuptials - has reportedly "damaged the livelihoods" of travellers who have not participated in the series, with children being bullied at school and men being refused work.

After having their parties, weddings and even burials cancelled as the public backlash from the documentary mounts, gypsy groups have now vowed to launch a multi-million-pound lawsuit against Channel 4.

Romany gypsy Bill Newland told the Daily Star newspaer: "We have a strong case. People are absolutely fuming about it. it's been a real nightmare for us. Once people find out you are gypsies, you don't get any work.

"And I've heard people in our local cemetery saying they don't want gypsies buried next to them. The show has damaged out livelihoods. People remember it."

Meanwhile, the Irish Traveller Movement in Britain (ITMB) has explained it is "distressed" at the exaggerated content of the series, and has called for a right of reply.

A spokesman said: "We have heard distressing stories of girls as young as 13 being bullied at school as a result of the programme.

"Rather than giving an insight into our culture, the show has widened the gap between the traveller community and the settled community."

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