The List's new publication schedule FAQ

  • The List
  • 15 February 2011

Everything you need to know about the changes to The List in 2011

What's happening to The List?
The magazine is going to be printed every four weeks, rather than every two weeks. This will start from the issue out on Wednesday 2 March.

How will listings be affected?
The magazine's listings will now cover at 29-day period, as opposed to the current 15-day period. Listings in all sections will get longer, with the format of some sections (such as LGBT) changing slightly to make the listings easier to digest. One significant difference is that the magazine will no longer carry film listings: to make sure we have the most accurate and up-to-date film times, those listings will be published at Each issue will still have a comprehensive film index, describing every film due out in that 29-day period.

Will the magazine be bigger?
Yes – each issue will run to 120 pages, instead of the 96 pages we publish at the moment.

Will there be more content?
Yes – we'll have more features, including more pieces that are relevant to specific sections (Film, Music, Comedy etc); we'll have more previews and reviews of upcoming events; our Hitlist guides to the best of what's going on in each section will be bigger and brighter; and we'll have more lifestyle features on eating and drinking, games and technology, shopping, and travel.

Will you be doing fewer reviews?
No – The List tries to review as much as it can over all sections, and any that don't end up in the magazine will appear online at In general the website will continue to become more and more useful as we increase the amount of articles we publish online.

Will the magazine look different?
Only a little bit. Some things, like album and books reviews, will be tweaked so that they're easier to read.

Will the price change?
Yes – the new price will be £2.50.

I've got an existing subscription. What will happen to it?
Subscriptions will continue until they are due for renewal. For example, if you still have 20 issues left on your subscription, you will still receive 20 issues, they will just be spread out over a longer period before you have to renew. For those on Direct Debit, the quarterly charge will be reduced from £10 to £7.

What if I want to start a new subscription?
New subscriptions will still be available to buy: you can get them for six months, a year or two years. There will still be deals available to those wishing to buy a student or gift subscription, or who want to combine their subscription with a LIST Card. For more details on all subscriptions and LIST Card offers, visit

When will it be published?
The magazine will still be published on a Wednesday; it will cover the period from the Thursday immediately up to the Thursday four weeks hence. A PDF of our publication calendar for 2011 is available to download.

What will happen during the Festival?
As usual, The List will be available in four weekly editions throughout August. This year's Festival publication dates will be 3, 10, 17 and 24 August.

Will supplements still be published with the magazine?
Yes – all of The List's regular supplements will still be available free with the magazine. The List Eating & Drinking Guide 2011 will be published with issue out on Wednesday 27 April; the Edinburgh Festival Guide 2011 will be published with the issue out Wednesday 20 July; and the Christmas Guide will be published with the issue out Wednesday 16 November. All of these guides will also be available on their own after these dates.

Where will I be able to buy it?
The magazine will still be available to buy in a wide range of newsagents, as well as selected bookshops, cafes, galleries and hotels. Current and back issues of the magazine, as well as the Eating & Drinking Guide and Edinburgh Festival Guide, will be available to buy from