Lisa Dingle to reveal rape ordeal

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 February 2011
Jane Cox who plays Lisa Dingle

Jane Cox who plays Lisa Dingle

'Emmerdale's Lisa Dingle will confess to husband Zak that she was raped by her fellow worker Derek Benrose

'Emmerdale's Lisa Dingle will confess to husband Zak that she was raped.

The chocolate factory worker was sexually assaulted by delivery driver Derek Benrose when they were both working overtime and while she has kept it a secret, she decides tell all to her co-worker Lizzie and then Zak.

After seeing how close Lizzie (Kitty McGeever) and Derek (Stephen Bent) are becoming, Lisa (Jane Cox) warns her off him, but when Lizzie says she's just jealous, Lisa blurts out her harrowing secret.

When she arrives home, she summons up the energy to tell Zak, who is ready to confront Derek, but she manages to calm him down.

Jane told Inside Soap magazine: "I don't think she could have gone much longer in that situation alone. The burden has been like a volcano ready to erupt, so there's definitely a sense of relief. But Lisa has opened a whole new can of worms."

She goes to the police, but officers warn her because the alleged rape took place in January, there may not be enough evidence against him.

Jane added: "The police are kind, but they're aware of how long it's taken Lisa to come forward - and that may jeopardise any investigation. The question now is whether there's enough evidence."

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