Sally Webster stops divorce over Kevin's lottery win

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  • 14 February 2011
Coronation Street actress Sally Dynevor

Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Webster

'Coronation Street's Sally Webster will delay her divorce after her estranged husband, Kevin, wins big on the lottery

'Coronation Street's Sally Webster will delay her divorce after her estranged husband wins the lottery.

Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vel) will reportedly win £250,000 on a lottery scratch card, which he initially hopes will help him heal his relationship with Sally (Sally Dynevor) - who left him after discovering he fathered a baby with Molly Dobbs.

The mechanic buys a round of drinks in the Rovers Return pub to celebrate his windfall, but

later spots Sally kissing her new boyfriend, Jeff, making him decide not to tell Sally he is now rich until after their divorce is finalised.

However, in a tense plot twist, Tyrone runs to the solicitor's office stopping Sally from signing the papers by letting Kevin's secret slip.

This leads Sally to tear up the papers and demand new ones - which entitle her to half the cash.

She will then tell the cheating mechanic: "How could you do this to me Kevin? How could you try and cheat me like that? I want all what's due to me, in cash.

"And don't even think for one minute that I'm not going to get it."

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) also narrowly misses out on the win after letting Kevin go before him in the queue.

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