DOI helping Denise Welch's depression

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  • 13 February 2011
Denise Welch

Denise Welch

Appearing in 'Dancing On Ice' is helping 'Loose Women' panellist Denise Welch with her depression problems, and has actually made her ''stronger''

Denise Welch says 'Dancing On Ice' has helped her with her depression.

The 52-year-old 'Loose Women' presenter admitted when she first decided to take part in the ITV1 skating show she was worried it would trigger her illness, but was relieved to find actually made her "stronger".

She explained: "I'm really well at the moment. That was one of the worries about 'Dancing On Ice' - that I would get poorly. I was worried that nerves would tip over into anxiety, which leads to my depression. But when I'm on the ice, it's exhilarating and makes me feel better. So at the moment, it's helping me be stronger mentally."

The blonde actress - who has joked she "must have been drunk" when she agreed to go on the show - hasn't let the judges' harsh comments about her being older than her 34-year-old dance partner Matt Evers get to her.

She explained: "I'm not fazed by their comments. I wasn't upset when Jason Gardiner said I was like Matt's mum - I can't help that I'm 18 years older than him and, unless Jason gives me a time machine, there's nothing I can do about it.

"And as for saying I'm a cougar, I know I am. I don't need Jason Gardiner to say it!"

While Denise is keeping cool about her time on the show, she thinks some of the other contestants are taking it more seriously.

She added: "There are a few people who are in it to raise their profile. So, yes, some people are more competitive than others."

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