Theatre show The Belief Project examines convictions about life

The Belief Project

Glasgow theatre collective Flatrate stage show at Tron

The concept of belief is something songwriters, authors and playwrights have mulled over for generations. Flatrate, a small Glasgow theatre collective, are the latest creative types to take a stab at the phenomenon with their new piece, The Belief Project, which debuts at the Tron in March. The story follows three characters, a young couple and their lodger, each with fundamental convictions about their life.

Director Rob Jones explains, ‘We wanted to examine the place of belief in the modern world, that difficult place between faith and doubt and why the characters hold onto these overriding beliefs, perhaps to the detriment of other things.’

Jones, a 24-year-old Glasgow University theatre graduate, created the play with writer and longtime collaborator, Stephen Redman. ‘Stephen wanted to show that people often hold onto things in the sky above at the expense of the people around them. You never want to get up on my high horse about things but you always want to make something that resonates with people and is grounded in real life.’

Flatrate started in 2008 when Jones and Redman began putting on plays in people’s flats – hence the name. Soon progressing to regular drama, music and spoken word nights at the 13th Note, Flatrate’s biggest success to date has been the critically acclaimed Zeros Keep Going, another Tron production. With strong writing and poignant issues under the microscope, The Belief Project is likely to follow suit.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 2–Fri 5 Mar

The Belief Project

The Glasgow-based collective who run monthly performance night Initial Itch at the 13th Note return to the Tron with a show about how some widely differing characters are defined by their beliefs.

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