Yuck - Yuck (4 stars)

Yuck - Yuck

(Fat Possum/Pharmacy)

With two of their members graduating from the once-hyped Cajun Dance Party, Yuck’s sound is more mature, yet still noisy and enthusiastic. In the breezy guitar pop bluster of ‘Get Away’ and ‘Georgia’ there are heavy shades of Sonic Youth, grinding reverberations of Dinosaur Jr. in ‘Operation’ and waves of West Coast Teenage Fanclub charm shot through ‘Shook Down’ and ‘Sunday’.

Don’t let the fact this bunch are possibly the least original of 2011’s most hotly-tipped artists put you off – in their perfect facsimile of the stateside sound of ‘88, the (mostly) English quintet have rediscovered a rich and eminently lovable vein of sound.

Yuck - Georgia

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