NYOS Futures - Vanishing Boundaries brings new scores and visual arts together

NYOS Futures, Vanishing Boundaries

Work from Katrina Burton, Ken Dempster, Stephen Davismoon and Stephen Kilpatrick

In introducing young musicians and their audiences to music of the late 20th and early 21st century, the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland’s exemplary futures initiative takes another step into the world of contemporary artistic expression this February half-term. Vanishing Boundaries, a project which brings new scores and visual arts together, explores boundaries which may be real or imagined, local or global, past or present.

Curated by composer Stephen Davismoon, resident of Glasgow and staff member in the music department at Salford University, the boundary of Scotland and England disappears first and fast as concerts are scheduled for each of these two locations. ‘We wanted to collaborate with The Arches and Glasgow Film Festival and to bring musicians together through different media,’ Davismoon explains. ‘Glasgow and Manchester are quite similar and in the collection of pieces we’re presenting, the border disappears as there is an equal number of composers from both places.’

Composers whose work receives world premieres include Katrina Burton, Ken Dempster and Stephen Kilpatrick. Davismoon’s own contribution is Beaver, Wolf which is the only piece to use electronics, as well as soprano and actor in addition to the instrumentalists of NYOS. ‘It’s from a series of existential fables by writer Johnny Rodger which are told from the animals’ perspective, with experimental animation by Iain Gardner,’ says Davismoon. Instrumentations are all quite different, some pieces for small groups such as quartet or quintet and some for the larger NYOS ensemble. ‘Other visuals are a collage of the Guggenheim in New York, skeletal remains of iron age bog bodies and a student flat in Budapest. The visual element is really international. It’s a great experience for the young musicians and really exciting for everyone involved.’

Peel Hall, Salford University, Sun 20 February; The Arches, Glasgow, Mon 21 February

NYOS Futures: Vanishing Boundaries

Cross-media project combining new compositions with film, storytelling and live performance. Conducted by Ken Dempster. Part of the Glasgow Music and Film Festival.

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