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Introducing... Bad Mouthin'

Glasgow club's residents are Al Kent and Rahaan

Million Dollar Disco’s own Al Kent and Rahaan.

‘Rahaan’s our resident DJ, but he’s actually based in Chicago,’ says Kent (real name Ewan Kelly). ‘Naturally he won’t be able to make it every month, but when this happens we’ll make sure we have a big guest booked. We want people to get their money’s worth.’

Music policy:
‘All disco,’ says Kent, ‘although everyone has their own idea of what that means. We don’t play disco-house, I’d compare our sound more to the early days of the house boom in Chicago, when people were editing old disco records rather than making their own. We’ll play classics, we’ll play funk and soul tracks that would have been played in the discos of the 70s, and there’s no restriction on tempo. But we absolutely won’t play commercial disco, no Boney M or Village People.’

What they say:
‘I’ve always done Million Dollar Disco Presents nights as one-offs, but I had such a good time when I brought Rahaan over as a guest recently that this seemed like a good idea. He’s such a laidback guy and a great DJ too, he really knows his stuff. I played once at the Studio Warehouse years ago and it’s a great venue, it has that real underground warehouse vibe. This isn’t something we’re doing to make money, it’s a real labour of love.’

What we say:
Between them, Al and Rahaan have half a century’s experience as purist disco DJs, and with the style very much back in fashion this promises to be a bloody entertaining history lesson.

Bad Mouthin’ is at SWG3, Glasgow, Sat 26 Feb and then the last Sat of every month.

Bad Mouthin'

A monthly residency with disco kings Al Kent and Rahaan.

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