The Go! Team - Oran Mor, Glasgow, Thu 3 Feb 2011 (4 stars)

The Go! Team

Sextet match joyous presence with optimistic, but not at all cheesy, pop

The most notable thing about The Go! Team’s sold out Glasgow date (the first in their UK tour) was the diversity. Not just in the band, but the fans – stretching from old school punks to brightly-coloured art students and families.

The Brighton sextet stormed onto the stage with a typically joyous presence. If they had they all been silhouetted in white, their wild dancing, matched with upbeat mash-ups wouldn’t look out of place in an iPod advert. Frontwoman Ninja led a raucously uplifting opening, sporting workout clothes and some seriously talented dance moves. ‘Huddle Formation’ and ‘Voice Yr Choice’ paved the way for a set of distorted genius. The rapper had such a presence their songs lacked the same vigour when she left the stage for some songs, other than for the instrumental power piece ‘Bottle Rocket’.

Sadly, the band failed to maintain the initial perfect momentum of the first three or four songs, but they still produced a quality night jam packed with innovative samples of garage indie, 90s hip hop, fuzzy acoustics and optimistic, but not at all cheesy, pop.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Thu 3 Feb

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