Norman Blake and Euros Childs take Jonny on tour

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Teenage Fanclub and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci members line up UK gigs

Indie fans of a certain vintage might once have daydreamed about what a collaboration between one of Teenage Fanclub and one of their Welsh equivalents Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci might’ve sounded like. Well wonder no more, because Norman Blake and Euros Childs have got together and made an album as Jonny. Touching, melodic, jangly, daft and self-indulgent, it’s a warm hug on a cold day. Norman Blake tells all.

How did Jonny come about?
‘The Fanclub asked Gorky’s to tour with us years ago and Euros and I just kept in touch. He would stay with me and we would end up mucking around with the guitars, it was pretty laid-back.’

The album sounds as if you’re having a good laugh
‘We did. Four days before we went into the studio it was still just me and Euros, and we just thought, maybe we could get a bass player and a drummer, it was that short notice. We recorded it in a couple of days, really. Played through them a few times and there it was. By the end of the week we had the album done. It was refreshing, because when I do albums with the Fanclub, we take our time, so it was great.’

Any plans for taking it on the road?
‘Yeah, it’s just the two of us heading out in my car with two acoustics and two keyboards and that’s it. The soundcheck will take five minutes, and we’ll be off to find something nice to eat.’

Platform, Glasgow, Sat 19 Feb.

Jonny - Candyfloss. Directed By Ryan Owen

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