Kelly Windsor to kill Jimmy King?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 February 2011
Adele Silva

Emmerdale actress Adele Silva

Emmderdale's Kelly Windsor could be set to deal a fatal blow to ex-fiance Jimmy King within weeks of arriving back in the village

Emmerdale's Kelly Windsor could be set to kill Jimmy King.

The scheming minx - played by Adele Silva - fled the village in 2007 when the pub landlord ditched her at the alter after finding out about her drunken night of passion with Eli Dingle (Joseph Gilgun), but she has now returned with the aim of getting her revenge on Jimmy (Nick Miles).

However, when the former businessman tells the manipulative man-eater that he doesn't want to risk his marriage to Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) by getting involved with her again, she violently lashes out.

Adele explained: "Kelly doesn't take rejection well, so when he tries to put a stop to it, she goes mad. They're in his truck and in the heat of the moment she clocks him one with a torch - he's out cold!

"She leaves him unconscious because she's too scared to do anything else. But I don't think Kelly will get far without feeling guilty. She's missed Jimmy - he's her one true love. He's the only person who accepted all her flaws and took her for what she was. Hopefully she hasn't really done him in, as I'd love to see them get back together."

If Jimmy is lucky enough to recover from the attack, Kelly looks set to relish in every opportunity she gets to make his wife Nicola's life a misery.

Adele added to Inside Soap magazine: "Kelly would get a real kick if she knew Nicola wasn't happy! She has always been a troublemaker, and just loves stirring things up, so Nicola versus Kelly would be a grudge match made in heaven."

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