Samia Smith's tears over graphic sex attack scenes

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  • 10 February 2011
Samia Smith

Samia Smith

Coronation Street's upcoming sex attack scenes featuring Maria Connor and Frank Foster were so ''graphic'' they reduced actress Samia Smith to tears

Coronation Street's upcoming sex attack scenes were so "graphic" they reduced Samia Smith to tears.

The actress - whose alter-ego Maria Connor is subject to a brutal assault by new businessman Frank Foster (Andrew Lancel) when she attempts to land a big deal for her boss Carla Connor (Alison King) - admitted even the crew were "flinching" while the scenes were being shot.

She explained: "It's all been very dramatic. It was pretty tough and there have been plenty of tears. The way the director shot it is quite graphic. Even the crew were flinching a bit because they didn't like to see me being treated like that. I had to fight Andrew off - and he's quite strong is Andrew!

"He's so lovely though and it was tough for him, too. It was the first day we had actually worked together and I'd only met him briefly before. Then the second scene we filmed was Frank trying to sexually assault Maria."

Despite the tough time Maria has gone through during her years on 'Corrie' - including being widowed after just eight months of marriage, bedding her husband's killer and giving birth to a stillborn baby - Samia thinks it would be "boring" to play a happy character.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I trust the writers. I can't complain at what I'm given because it's always really challenging. The trials and tribulations have been really interesting to play and it would get boring if she was always happy."

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