Luxury Car - When I Was Good (3 stars)

Unique and inventive brilliance of second album is striking from the off

Luxury Car - When I Was Good

(Biphonic Records)

Biphonic Records is known predominantly for introducing us to some of the most inventive Scottish pop around – namely works by Swimmer One and Seafieldroad over the years. Makes sense then that John Robertson, aka Luxury Car, should join forces with the label for his latest release; a unique, scrambling electronics-driven effort. And When I was Good is striking from the off; as Robertson croons ‘I was hit by a car, hit me hard, I went far…’ (quite the opening line) and then ‘I was stabbed in the heart and it stopped, they had to re-start...’ Worst luck ever, eh? Thankfully there’s another six tracks of twinkly brilliance on hand to steady our nerves.

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