Mama Rosin - Black Robert (4 stars)

Black Robert - Mama Rosin

Quirky, rootsy music from Swiss, Cajun punk trio

(Gutfeeling Records)

Quirky, rootsy music from a Swiss, Cajun punk trio reassures us that wild creativity 2011 style is flourishing. This fresh take on North American French traditions gets these three young guys compared to Parisian gypsy-punkers Les Negresses Vertes for their subversive, riotous spirit.

A ‘call you to me’ voice, often in raucous dialogue partnered by cascading fiddle notes, wiry guitar riffs, insinuating bass and ricocheting accordion rhythms, sends out an irresistible message. Later With Jools Holland got them a cult audience, which these songs show is based on more than a flash in any Cajun gumbo stew pan.

Mama Rosin: Le Pistolet on Later With Jools Holland 2010

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