The Low Anthem - Smart Flesh (4 stars)

The Low Anthem - Smart Flesh

Quartet's latest album full of poignant intimacy and warm, earthy tone throughout

(Bella Union)

Following 2008’s Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, reviewers in their droves compared The Low Anthem to Tom Waits and labelmates Fleet Foxes. Yet, writing the quartet off as a cheap copy would be to do them a disservice.

Mixed by Saddle Creek warlock Mike Mogis, there is a warm, earthy tone throughout. Upbeat numbers like ‘Boeing 737’ show the raucous side of Ben Knox Miller’s changeable voice but Smart Flesh shines in its quieter moments. From the haunting piano of ‘Ghost Woman Blues’ to the ethereal man-harmonies of ‘Love and Alter’, Miller’s lyrics are loaded with imagery, maintaining a level of poignant intimacy.

Ghost Woman Blues

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