Ronnie Branning to come clean about baby swap?

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  • 9 February 2011
Samantha Womack

EastEnders actress Samantha Womack

Grief-stricken 'EastEnders' mum Ronnie Branning will attempt to tell her husband Jack about swapping their dead baby for Kat Moon's tot, but ends up telling even more lies

EastEnders' Ronnie Branning will try to confess to husband Jack about swapping their dead baby with Kat Moon's newborn.

However the grief-stricken new mum - played by Samantha Womack - realises she cannot hurt Jack (Scott Maslen) even more by telling him the terrible truth, and continues to lie even when she ruins his relationship with business partner Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) after claiming he made a pass at her.

An insider explained: "Ronnie's living on the edge - she told Jack the lie about Michael in sheer panic. And she's realising she can't get away with what she's doing for much longer. It slowly dawns on Ronnie that she has to tell Jack the truth.

"She begins to tell Jack about the baby swap but can't find the words. Jack is holding James and she realises she can't destroy her husband's happiness. She can't pluck up the courage to tell him what she's done."

Instead, a desperate Ronnie will desperately reiterate her allegations even after Jack punches Michael, who is dating her sister Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simmons).

The source added to Inside Soap magazine: "Once again there's no going back for Ronnie. Michael, Jack and Roxy have been unwittingly dragged into her tangled web through no fault of their own and all the while, Ronnie's nightmare just gets even more unbearable."

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