Katie Waissel 'hasn't seen Cheryl since X Factor'

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  • 8 February 2011
Katie Waissel

Katie Waissel

Katie Waissel hasn't seen her 'X Factor' mentor Cheryl Cole since she appeared on the ITV1 show last year

Katie Waissel hasn't seen Cheryl Cole since she appeared on 'The X Factor'.

The 25-year-old singer - who was one of the most controversial contestants on last year's show - admitted while she hasn't seen her former mentor in some time, she would love to sit down for a girlie glass of wine with the 'Promise This' hitmaker.

She explained: "I haven't seen her since the show. But then why should she get in contact? I don't understand why it's made into such a big deal. She's a lovely girl, and if I see her I'm sure we'll have a girlie chat and a glass of wine.

"I'd love to catch up with her but I don't expect her to be thinking about little old me on a daily basis. Call me controversial, but she's an artist herself, she had her Christmas break and I don't expect anything from her."

Despite facing a very public backlash during her time on the ITV1 talent show, Katie thinks people only disliked her because of clever editing on the part of 'X Factor' bosses.

She added to Star magazine: "I'd never experienced anything like that in my life. I think I just went on autopilot to be honest. Eventually, for me, it didn't become about winning the show, it became about winning over the public and proving to them I wasn't the person I was made out to be.

"At the end of the day, it's a TV show - it's entertainment. The public hated me because they were told to. The power of editing is beautiful. During the live shows I wanted to jump up and tell people, 'Hi, I'm Katie - I'm not a b*****d', but people had already made up their minds."


Girls Aloud singer and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole performs pop and dance-pop to promote her album A Million Lights.

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