Eric Mabius attracted to saucy nature of Outcasts

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  • 7 February 2011
Eric Mabius

Eric Mabius

'Ugly Betty' actor Eric Mabius thinks the saucy nature of new BBC drama 'Outcasts' will appeal to viewers who aren't usually fans of the science fiction genre

Eric Mabius thinks the saucy nature of new BBC drama 'Outcasts' will attract viewers who aren't usually science fiction fans.

The 'Ugly Betty' actor - who plays sneaky newcomer Julius Berger in the eight-part series, which follows a group of survivors fleeing planet Earth in 2040 - admitted while he isn't interested in sci-fi, the "juicy" script persuaded him to appear in the show.

He explained: "I don't especially like sci-fi but there's lots of sex going on, lots of controversy, religious repression. Lots of juicy bits for people to get their teeth into.

"That's what was so appealing about it. There is just enough sci-fi to satisfy fans of the genre but it's really more about pioneers starting out on a new planet. It's done in a classy enough way that even if you don't like that genre you will buy it."

The 39-year-old star also explained accepting a role in 'Outcasts' came at the perfect time for him, as he felt 'Ugly Betty' had been "battered" by US network ABC, who cancelled the show last year due to low ratings.

Eric added to The Sun newspaper: "Our show ended too early. We were battered about by ABC and even if the fans wanted another series they couldn't have got it because we had been raked over the coals so much by the network.

"We put our best feet forward and felt neglected. Everyone was upset with them for cancelling 'Ugly Betty'."

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