Tracy Barlow reveals the truth about Leanne's affair

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  • 7 February 2011
Kate Ford

Kate Ford plays Tracy Barlow

Coronation Street's scheming Tracy Barlow is to reveal all to her brother Peter about his wife Leanne's saucy affair with Nick Tilsley

Coronation Street's scheming Tracy Barlow is to reveal all to Peter about his wife Leanne's affair.

While the recovering alcoholic - played by Chris Gascoyne - is devastated to hear the shocking news that his beloved wife has been playing away with his best friend Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), he keeps a cool head until the couple's wedding blessing when he finally erupts.

Chris explained: "Leanne's little secret gets discovered by Tracy (Kate Ford) after she overhears a conversation. The truth finally comes out when Peter goes round to confront Tracy. He knows something is going on, but the answer he receives is not one he was expecting.

"When Peter finds out you'd expect him to erupt, but he doesn't. He plays it very coolly for the whole week and walks down the aisle at the blessing, but then something happens that when I read the script I just couldn't believe what he'd done. It's brilliant stuff and I wouldn't like to be Nick Tilsley."

However, prior to the church showdown, Peter - who was rendered wheelchair-bound following the tram crash disaster - really believes everything is going his way for once.

Chris added to the 'Coronation Street' official website: "Peter's doing really well at the moment. He's just admitted to Leanne that he's drinking again so it's all out in the open. He didn't think she'd accept it this time but she did. He's really looking forward to the blessing.

"He thinks he's finally got everything he ever wanted - he's got a lovely son and what he thinks is the perfect woman who accepts him for who he is. He wants to give Leanne the best day of her life."

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