Will Young lives with a ghost

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  • 4 February 2011
Will Young

Will Young

Will Young - who stars in new Sky supernatural drama series 'Bedlam' - wasn't worried about shooting the show's scarier scenes, because he lives with a ghost

Will Young says he wasn't spooked filming new supernatural TV series 'Bedlam' because he lives with a ghost.

The singer-and-actor plays IT expert Ryan McAllister in the Sky Living drama - which is about a haunted apartment block that used to be a lunatic asylum - and says he is used to spectres because a deceased elderly lady shares his country home.

He said: "She's the most wonderfully benign old lady I've never seen but whose presence I often sense. I'm in the process of selling the cottage, though not because it's haunted. I'm hoping the old lady comes with me when I go!"

When he wasn't relaxing with the supernatural, Will rehearsed his lines diligently for the role but admits he needed some help for one particularly tricky shoot.

The 32-year-old star had to film a sex scene with his co-star Charlotte Salt - who plays his character's landlady Kate - so he decided to don a special pair of sky-blue underpants for luck.

In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, the former 'Pop Idol' winner explained: "Unfortunately, they weren't quite as 'lucky' as I'd hoped. I only had one pair, which was a problem as we had to do several takes of the same scene, under the hot studio lights. By the time we had it in the can, I thought the sky blue would have faded to a pale grey!"

And openly gay Will insists he had no problem filming a love scene with a woman.

He added: "There are plenty of straight actors who have played gay men. Why not a gay actor in a love scene with a woman? I think it's quite refreshing. And the scene was so enjoyable to film. I don't mind getting my kit off, and it helped I had a crush on Charlotte Salt."

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