Roxy Mitchell to date Michael Moon

'EastEnders' heartthrob Michael Moon is to date Roxy Mitchell in a new storyline

Rita Simons

Rita Simons who plays Roxy

New 'EastEnders' arrival Michael Moon is to date Roxy Mitchell.

In next week's episodes viewers will see the handsome character (Steve John Shepherd) take a shine to the busty blonde (Rita Simons) and after a romantic night out the pair share a kiss.

In an interview in Inside Soap magazine, Steve said: "They spend a nice evening together and then share a kiss. Roxy and Michael just enjoy each other's company. He likes her no-nonsense, feisty nature - and she's wild, so I think he enjoys that too."

The scenes could lead to a more serious romance, but the actor is remaining tight-lipped on the future of his character's love life.

He added: "Roxy and Michael make a good couple and although this first date isn't a major deal, there's every chance it could lead to something more in the future."

Michael Moon has returned to Albert Square after a brief appearance last year following the death of Kat Moon's baby.

He was the father but Kat's husband Alfie Moon - Michael's cousin - doesn't know he and his wife had a relationship.


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