Roxy Mitchell to date Michael Moon

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  • 4 February 2011
Rita Simons

Rita Simons who plays Roxy

'EastEnders' heartthrob Michael Moon is to date Roxy Mitchell in a new storyline

New 'EastEnders' arrival Michael Moon is to date Roxy Mitchell.

In next week's episodes viewers will see the handsome character (Steve John Shepherd) take a shine to the busty blonde (Rita Simons) and after a romantic night out the pair share a kiss.

In an interview in Inside Soap magazine, Steve said: "They spend a nice evening together and then share a kiss. Roxy and Michael just enjoy each other's company. He likes her no-nonsense, feisty nature - and she's wild, so I think he enjoys that too."

The scenes could lead to a more serious romance, but the actor is remaining tight-lipped on the future of his character's love life.

He added: "Roxy and Michael make a good couple and although this first date isn't a major deal, there's every chance it could lead to something more in the future."

Michael Moon has returned to Albert Square after a brief appearance last year following the death of Kat Moon's baby.

He was the father but Kat's husband Alfie Moon - Michael's cousin - doesn't know he and his wife had a relationship.

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